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Uninspired Inspiration

love yourself Dec 19, 2016
Uninspired Inspiration

I just read a book that was so inspiring that I practically want to jump out of my skin. My mind is racing with possibility and to-do lists and excitement! So much so that I can look back over the last several months and realize that I haven’t felt this way in a long time. In fact, I think I have been in a funk.

Can we all just agree that life is not all sunshine and roses? I mean, there are moments that are like heaven on earth (in my limited understanding of heaven) but then there is this darkness that almost sneaks in and you don’t notice it until you are in the thick of it.

It’s as if I was aware I was in a funk but I was powerless to pull myself out of it. An accident, a disagreement, a diagnosis, and an unanswered prayer fell like an Acme Anvil on my already lackluster life in the last few months. It’s not that I was bored, I was just uninspired.

I think the worst form of darkness for me is that feeling of being uninspired. As if there is nothing to be excited about. As if there is no task that is demanding my time and attention. I am a type-A, tightly wound DOER in this world. I love my lists and projects and brainstorms. But none of them mean a thing without the proper motivation. Lack of motivation is akin to a matte finish on an otherwise glossy life.

All throughout scripture are references to how the zeal of the Lord will accomplish the most mighty tasks. (Check out the book of Isaiah.) Zeal is a consuming passion and I straight need more zeal in my life. 

Chasing Famous by Lisa Lloyd isn’t out until March but I was lucky enough to get an advance copy. I read the whole thing in two sittings because I was feeling it.  I was relating to the stories, answering the questions, thinking through the wisdom and found that the spark of my passions was being fanned. It made me think about how do I keep fanning this passion so it grows into a raging fire that will actually accomplish something good in the world?

So here are a few things that inspire me that I plan to invest in more intentionally. (I’ve already mentioned a book you can’t have yet but mark your calendars, people. March will be here before you know it.)

  1. BOOKS! It's Not Fair by Melanie Dale and For The Love by Jen Hatmaker. Not only are both books full of insane wisdom that will change your life, they are both pee-your-pants funny.

  2. AMBIANCE! I love a good cup of coffee or glass of wine with some soft lighting. I also love a good candle like this one: Volcano Candle.

  3. MUSIC! Anyone who knows me is aware that I am completely obsessed with the Hamilton Musical that I will never be rich enough to see. Fortunately, I can listen to all the music all day long and channel my inner hip hop self while singing loudly in my car. With or without passengers.

  4. FRIENDS! A good friend is a treasure that has no equal. A good friend who 'gets' you feeds your soul. A good friend who can make you laugh is truly priceless. Put down your phone and go log some face time.

As this year comes to a close, instead of making a New Year's Resolution list (which I never do anyway) I will make an Inspiration List. I want to mark throughout the year anything that made me feel like I could do anything. I want it to be a tangible list that I can reference because I know from experience that it's all too easy for the darkness to creep in and underwhelm me. So this my new battle plan. I want to continually go back to the things that light my fire so that I can be a light. 

What things would make your Inspiration List?