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Humor Should Be A Love Language

love yourself Apr 14, 2015
Humor Should Be A Love Language

I’ll bet Jesus was hilarious. Honestly, the great tragedy of the bible, in my mind, is that it doesn’t do much for this side of his personality. Oh sure, if you read John Eldridge’s Beautiful Outlaw, you may see some of it, but you have to look kind of hard.

It just stands to reason with me that as the only perfect person who ever lived, Jesus must have had some fun at some point. How awful would life be if there was never any joy? In fact, I’ll bet part of the reason that Pharisee’s were anti-Jesus is for this very reason.

“Seriously? If you really were the Son of God then you would take all of this seriously! You would take US seriously!”

Another reason I think he must have been funny is the disciples undying love for him. Humor is my love language. You won’t find it in an official book that lists a certain five but the truth is that if you can make me laugh, I’m yours for life. I’m a lot less likely to pledge my undying love to someone who is super serious ALL THE TIME. I mean, there is a place for it, to be sure. But there is also a place for laughter.

The third reason I think that Jesus must have had some humor is because so much of the bible is funny! No, really. I’m serious. Have you read it? Even in the gospel you can find a good ‘ole giggle. Take Mark 14:51 for instance. Jesus has just been arrested and amidst the chaos a young man is seized, his garment comes off and he flees the scene naked.

Wait! What?

If you didn’t giggle at that, you have no soul. (Just kidding!)

So you might be wondering if I have a point. Stick with me.

My mom used to say that she would get up every morning and look for the joy in the day. I always wondered how she did it because she never seemed to get rattled by much. I have always found it extremely challenging to look for the joy in the day. It’s just not as easy as it sounds (insert eye roll here.)

BUT…I have discovered that joy and laughter are some of the very best weapons in the world against the enemy. How can you be busy believing lies or sinking in to depression when you are laughing? Something physical happens when you laugh and while I can’t explain it with science, I can tell you that for me, I just plain feel good. There is less worry, less fear, less pain, less hurt, less insecurity, less of everything that is so serious about life. And there is joy.

Some of my favorite joy spreaders include: Glennon Doyle Melton, Jen Hatmaker, Bianca Olthoff, Jon Acuff and Angie Smith. If you don’t know who they are, check them out. They are the very best mix of serious with a heaping dose of humor. I have learned tons about being real, chilling out and having fun from this motley crue. And, as luck would have it, three of these authors have brand new books either out or about to be. Amazon and Barnes N Noble should be your best friends here.

I am deeply, deeply grateful for the men and women who have gone before me and taught me that loving Jesus can be FUN. I crave fun like I crave sugar (a lot.) I want more of it and less of the negative stuff. I want to talk about Jesus and absorb the knowledge he intended for me to have but I also want to double over in laughter, tears streaming down my face and no sound coming out of my mouth apart from the occasional wheeze. I want to feel my abs from laughing and I want to SHARE THIS JOY with others. This is my quest.

Y’all, this is serious.  Who or what brings you joy and laughter?