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Tips For Consistent Branding

article brand identity consistency defining your business tips Feb 17, 2019

Let’s talk about your style. 

Think of a time when you were out running errands and saw an item in a store that would be absolutely perfect for your friend. That association means that you recognize your friend’s style, even if you aren’t with her. 

In the business world, that same style is called your brand.

Your brand is the look and feel and consistent message that you communicated to people regularly. The goal is for them to eventually recognize or identify with you when they see your logo, hear a quote you are known for, or any other variety of ways they might be reminded of you. In short, you want to create a consistent style that people recognize even when they are not directly engaged with your brand. 

Think of some brands you use regularly. There are several, I’m sure, where you can just look at the logo and know the company without needing to Google it. 

Let’s try it. 

What companies are associated with these icons or tag lines?


Eat Fresh

The Happiest Place on Earth

It keeps going and going and going and going…

These are examples of the kind of consistent brand we are aiming for in our businesses: to be well-known for something specific. 

Assuming you know your mission statement and your unique selling proposition, creating your brand style (or identity) means that everything you put out into the world looks like you. (Or the look you want to have.) 


1.    When sourcing stock photos, select ones with similar attributes. (Are they minimal, do they have people in them, are they all coffee cups? Are they a similar color scheme or photo filter?) Pick one or two and stick with it. 

2.    Select no more than three fonts that you’ll use on all your messaging. Too many fonts (or fonts that are too busy) make it hard to know where to look. Keep it easy for your audience. (Hint: Use one font and play with sizes, bold prints, italics, etc.) 

3.    Make sure you are posting consistently across all your platforms. If you only put out content sporadically, how will anyone remember you? Determine how often you will: post to social media, publish a new post, send an email newsletter, record a new video, etc. Set a schedule and stick to it, no matter what. 

4.    Keep it simple! In a noisy world, people are scrolling through feeds at Mach 2 and skimming content like never before. Make sure your stuff isn’t fussy. Simple images, graphics, or ideas tend to grab people’s attention because it makes them feel calmer. 

5.    Be unique! You may have heard this one before, but what does it mean? It means you talk about why your brand is different from the rest. What do you do that they can’t get anywhere else? Why would someone choose you over a competitor? This one requires a little boldness and self-confidence, but it is critical for brand growth, so talk about it a lot. (Hint: You likely started your brand because you saw a need that wasn’t being met. Start with that need when defining what sets you apart.) 

So, there you have it. To create consistency in your brand, start with these tips.

When it comes to branding, what other questions do you have? How can I clarify one of these tips more? Let me know by leaving a comment.

*The brands in the exercise are: Nike, Subway, Disney, and Energizer.