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Badass for Jesus

badass for jesus becoming badass for jesus popular content Sep 20, 2016
Badass for Jesus

Hey! Welcome! I love that you somehow saw the title and thought, “I really need to check this out.” Thanks for that. 

Badass for Jesus is a phrase that I feel God gave me a few years ago. No, seriously. I was sitting in a speaking critique group and after a particularly rough week and was not in a mood to make small talk. Still, our leader asked us to go around the room and say something interesting about ourselves. (Stab me.) 

I listened to the women share their desires, stories, and situations all the while wondering what I would possibly say when suddenly it was my turn. In a random act of NO self-control, I blurted out that I was exhausted with all of this trying and I just wanted to be badass for Jesus and was that so wrong? 

I would have instantly regretted using such language in a solidly Christian circle (I didn’t want to get kicked out) but before I could even think, one woman started clapping. Then another. Then another. Pretty soon the whole room was clapping and one woman even jumped up and said, “I’m with you, sister!” I admit to a flood of relief and gratitude and I did actually sit up a bit straighter. 

Later, during that same conference, I tested the waters with my new signature phrase and got just about the same reaction. It didn’t take long to figure out how much it resonated with women. We are all, on some level, so tired of trying. Trying to be good, trying to figure out our callings, trying to please everyone, trying to start a blog or speaking career, trying to fit with the Christian ‘in’ crowd and more. 

How does one be truly badass for Jesus when we are exhausted, fearful, worried, insecure, lacking open doors, unsure, tired, left out, and more? 

I used to think the answer was ‘do it afraid.’ Whatever the day brought, push feelings aside and do it afraid. It’s the old 'fake it til you make it' theory. Except that isn’t quite the right take on being badass. 

I figured out recently what badass for Jesus really means is DO IT ANYWAY

It’s so simple but so nuanced. Regardless of how you feel (feelings are liars) just do the next thing. Wanna write? Go ahead! Wanna speak? Send out inquiry letters to local churches. Wanna start a ministry but too afraid? Do it anyway. 

Here’s what I’ve learned. I am never going to get over my fear, my worry, my second-guessing or my insecurity. At my age, it’s a bad habit now attached to my DNA and it’s not changing anytime soon. It may be disobedient but I’ve already spent too much time trying to alter it with little to no luck. So if I can’t cure or get over this series of issues and it’s holding me back in every way, how do I move forward? 

I do it anyway. 

I can’t wait to be perfect. I can’t wait to go viral. I can’t wait for a magic call from a publisher. I can’t wait for a major, worldwide tour to contact me. I can’t wait for a ‘celebrity’ Christian to notice me. All I have is what is in front of me today.  The very best I have to give the world is to do the next thing, regardless of the outcome. 

Do it anyway suggests that I will press forward, believing that obedience will always outrank anything that holds me back. 

I want to be badass for Jesus every day of my life. No matter the task before me and no matter how I feel about it. Like the musical artist, Pink says, “Don’t let me get me.” I cannot keep getting in my own way by caving to things I can’t control. Instead, I am going to just move forward in obedience. I expect sometimes I will succeed and other times I will go down in flames but I will always walk away knowing I did the job. 

Because that is what a badass does. To God be the glory!